Quilt Top & Backing Preparation Directions

Quilt Top

When many seams come together reduce bulk by pressing seams open.

Your quilt top should be “quilt ready".  It should be pressed and all stray threads cut.  Check for seam breaks.

See "Attaching Quilt Border Directions" on next web page.

Backstitch all border seams or staystitch edges.

Do not bring or send your quilt already basted.

Quilt Backing

Backing fabric must be washed, pressed and squared. Remove selvages from backing fabric before seaming; use a ½" seam allowance, pressed open. 

When selecting backing, please remember that the same color thread is used in the needle and bobbin. Printed backing fabric gives the best results.

Backing and batting must be at least 5" larger than quilt top on all sides. 

If your backing is pieced, make sure that all outer edges are evenly trimmed.

For extra wide backings  add 10" to measurements of quilt top, plus 5% for shrinkage (pre-wash).  Best trimmed, not torn. Must be squared up. Buy at least 1/4 yard more than you think you need.