In order for me to do the best possible quilting job on your quilt, please follow these instructions as closely as possible: 

 1.   Cut border fabric on LENGTHWISE GRAIN because it’s less stretchy than 

       crosswise grain.

 2.   Don’t just sew on a border and cut if off when you get to the end.  That’s

       a recipe for wavy borders that  cannot be quilted flat.


          - cut 2 strips a little longer than the center length of the quilt.
          - lay both of these border strips across the middle and cut a 1/4” slit
             in  them at the edges of the quilt top.
          - find the centers of the quilt top and the borders and mark with a pin. 
             Pin them together matching the
             center pins and the slits with the edges of the quilt top.
          - when pinned together if one piece is larger than the other, usually the
              quilt top, place the larger one on the bottom and allow the feed dogs
              to ease in the fullness.
          - sew the borders to both sides of the quilt top.  Press the seam to the
               border and square off the ends with a rotary cutter and square

 4.     Repeat for TOP and BOTTOM BORDERS.